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Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

What is the CPD log?

The CPD log is a record of all the activities you personally do in order to develop your Professional skills and knowledge .

Why do I need a CPD log?

We need to log all of our activities in order to show our ever expanding knowledge and trends within the industry, this log would support your CV in order to show potential employers or partners what activities you have partaken in. It showcases your continued learning from your latest qualification.

What do I put on my CPD log?

You should be listing all the professional activities you have taken, this could be case studies, courses, reading, business forums, online videos etc etc… By partaking in these professional activities, you’re continuously expanding your professional knowledge, this comprehensive list will show case what you have done.

Angels Training Academy CPD log

This is a free of charge log, you may list any activities on this log, activities maybe done with Angels Training Academy or elsewhere.


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