Theory Assessment

  1. List at least two reasons why it is important to keep client record and the client consultations and patch test forms:
  • 1
  • 2

2. If your client has an infection or condition you should make a diagnosis

  • TRUE

3. If you are in doubt of a client’s medical condition or about how such a condition will affect the client’s suitability for the treatment, you should wait for a consent letter from a medical practitioner

  • TRUE

4. Work surfaces should be disinfected with chemical disinfectants such as bleach

  • TRUE

5. List at least one contra-indication and one contra-action for the treatment


6 During the patch test, what products should you test on your client prior to treatment?

7. Why is important to thoroughly cleanse the area and the surrounding area with protein wipes before the treatment?

8. How do you know the duration to use for the relaxer?

9. What are the benefits of using castor oil and moisturising serum?

10. Why is it important to give your client WRITTEN aftercare advice?